Interro leçon 1 Listening

1. Go to my computer and find share hs file
2. Find the folder MME Bakey
3. Go to Francais 2
4. double click on quiz listening
5. a pop up box appears saying windows cannot open the file. Check the box, select program from a list.
6.Find the program VLC media player (has a construction cone for an icon) Select this file and the listening section should play here. You can listen to it as many times as you need.

#5 & 6 are extra credit

To play the listening. click dowload. Then you need to browse in order to open the file. It needs to be opened with VLC media player. If this does not come up on the first screen, you need to browse again which will take you to program files, open the folder labeled videoLan ( they are alphabetical so go to the end)

Open the file label VideoLan
Open the file VLC
And click on VLC player.

This SHOULD play the listening section.

If this does not work, try downloading the file, and again you need to open in with VLC media player.

Numbers 6 & 7 are extra credit.